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H4-3 hight qualiy bulb, 12V 35W ;12W 55W , 24V 35W ,


2. 35W & 55W,hi/low bulb

3. Working temperature: -40 degree to +105 degree
4. Lifespan: >3000hrs
5. Color temperatures: 3, 000K - 30, 000K, pink, blue, super-yellow, super white

  • The bulbs are drive by the electromagnet with rectilinear motion.It only needs 2 seconds for the electrified time,so the heat problem of the electromagnet because of the long electrified time can be avoided.


  •  It has the strong retentivity to keep itself to stay at the estate needed, which can drastically solve the unstable problem of the high beam and the low beam while driving on the uneven road or blaking suddenly.


  •  The fireproofing materials used for aviation are can achieve inflaming retarding.


  • The unique design with good appearance are welcome


  • All kinds of color temperature are available
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